Cherokee County Kart Speedway

Welcome to Cherokee County Kart Speedway!

We are a small town local track focused around family style racing. We are not a professional track and this is not nascar but what we do offer is good honest racing for everyone to enjoy. We are located on the south end of the Cherokee County Fairground in Cherokee, Ia. The Cherokee County Kart Speedway is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, and family oriented activity for all of the drivers, their families, spectators, and officials while providing a educational environment by teaching respect, sportsmanship, and for drivers to be productive and responsible participants.

We look forward to seeing everyone and hope we can have a great season.

Cherokee County Kart Speedway Staff

Hot laps are at 6:30 p.m. with racing to follow

For insurance purposes, EVERYONE that is in the pits must sign in at the pit shack and receive a wristband.


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